The SWP brings together relevant Swiss stakeholders active in the international water sector, with the aim to ensure that the members and their partners abroad contribute in a coordinated and effective way to promote:

  • sustainable and equitable use of water resources;
  • sustainable provision of universal access to drinking water and sanitation for all citizens;
  • sustainable and equitable management of ecosystems, including water, food and energy production aspects;
  • mitigation and adaptation to prevent natural hazards;
  • Swiss knowhow and experiences in addressing the above-mentioned challenges.
  1. A dynamic learning platform
    SWP allows its members to meet, exchange information on their activities and on international initiatives in the water sector and to share knowledge.
  2. A strong Swiss voice
    The Swiss know how, solutions and research on water is widely recognised due to a better coordination of the Swiss stakeholders at international level.
  3. Water policies
    SWP members contribute to shaping water policies in accordance to the goals of the SWP Statutes (such as sustainable universal access to drinking water and sanitation).

The SWP members have agreed upon the following shared values:

  • Solidarity: Switzerland has privileged access to water resources. Unfortunately not everybody is in such a privileged situation and showing solidarity and supporting the less privileged in getting universal access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene and manage their water resources in an integrated and sustainable manner is at the core of SWP’s activities.
  • Integrity: water projects need to be managed in an integer way, assuring transparency, accountability and participation of the civil society and thereby assure ownership and sustainability.

SWP activities are guided by the following principles: 

  • non-partisan,
  • evidence-based and
  • information transparency

The functioning of the SWP implies to gather all stakeholders from the water sector for a constructive cross sector dialogue and to take into account the perspectives of the members’ partners in developing countries. The SWP Statutes, signed by all members, is a binding document to ensure respect of these values and principles.