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Working Group: Nature based Solutions for Water

Call for Participants!

The SWP is launching the new working group on “Nature based solutions for water”, which is the UN Theme 2018 and will be taken up by the Stockholm World Water Week 2018. During the SWP General Assembly on 23rd May 2017, this special topic was presented by the IUCN and subsequently discussed in one of the three breakout sessions. This broad topic allows many SWP members to contribute to the group.

  • Would you like to be part of the group?
  • Or are you interested in taking the lead?

If so, then contact the SWP Secretariat.

The idea is to plan and elaborate the concept and prepare for upcoming events around this theme. We are looking forward to an interesting exchange around the upcoming water theme. More detailed information on the outcomes from the NbS breakout session are noted in the GA Minutes.

For any further questions please contact us via email.

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