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Swiss Pavilion Participants | World Water Forum 2018 | Brasilia

SDC Nicaragua

Nicaragua achieved by 2015 the goal of halving the number of its population without access to potable water. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation has worked hand in hand with the sectoral authorities of this country since 1980. The joint work with the national government and the municipalities has resulted in a sustainable model of rural water supply. Hundreds of rural communities served decades ago continue to enjoy the service permanently. This model with its approaches and strategies emerged within the AGUASAN program and is now the basis of a national policy based on participation and shared responsibility between the citizens who self manage the potable water service and the authorities in their role as duty bearers for the realization of the human rights to water and sanitation. The session will present the good practices that lead to this great success.


How Rural Citizens got to Self-Manage their Water Supply in Nicaragua: Good Practices and Learnings from 36 Years Working on WASH in Central America

19th March | 14:00 | Swiss Pavilion E15 | Expo Hall


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