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eco.naturkongress: Switzerland's imported water risk

Together with WWF Switzerland the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Nestlé, Quantis and Aquasis, the Swiss Water Partnership will hold a workshop on water risks during the eco.natukongress which will take place in Basel on 31 March.

The WEF Global Risk report 2016 ranks water as the risk of highest concern for the next 10 years and sees water emerging as a top risk in terms of development impact. Water risk is of concern to many countries which are not currently suffering from water stress, as they import goods produced in regions where water is scarce. Globalised supply chains turn local water user problems into risks for multinationals and investments. Without a sustainable management of these supply chains, neither SDG 6 nor sustainable growth can be achieved.

In this event, representatives from different sectors will discuss the water risk for policy makers, investors, companies and consumers of different countries and solutions to these challenges. The discussion will show the different perspectives the specific sectors have on the issue and the different approaches that can be taken in order to mitigate the problems – both on firm level and in the entire watershed. A “fishbowl” discussion will allow for a close interaction between the audience and the presenters.

Read more about the event in our blog article. And do not forget to register for the bilingual workshop W3 – Kennen Sie ihr Wasserrisiko? here.

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