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SWP Annual Report and new Action Plan





2018 was an inspiring and successful year for the Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) filled with many highlights and high international exposure! The participation at the 8th World Water Forum and the World Water Week further strengthened the Swiss voice, while the publication of the youth strategy, the first learning event and the preparation of a pilot project on blended finance are concrete actions that have intensified cross-sector collaboration and learning, providing space for critical reflections and discussions. They show the dynamism and development of the platform.

On a global level, special attention was given to the SDG 6 on water and sanitation goal at the High-Level Political Forum in New York, where all SDGs are being reviewed annually. This resulted in the publication of the of the SDG 6 Synthesis Report 2018 on Water and Sanitation, which was produced by UN-Water to provide input to Member States on this goal and ensures the implementation of the Sustainability Development Goals.

It is widely recognized that massive financing is needed to close the financing gap to meet the SDG’s. The question is how to attract more private investments in the water sector knowing that many projects are hardly bankable and their access to market-based repayable finance is limited. Comforted by the interest of its members, the SWP developed a blended finance concept to diversify financing channels and create added value to its members. Innovative revenue mechanisms are at the centre of the concept that will be piloted in the coming years.

Partnering with key actors is crucial for the SWP to create impact. Besides relying on its members, the SWP continued to establish and foster collaboration with key stakeholders such as, Development Banks, World Bank and the World Water Council.

Thanks to all members for joining hands towards a water secure world – the diversity of the SWP members makes its strength and wealth!

Olga Darazs & Thomas Zeller | SWP Co-Chairs

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