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Swiss Junior Water Prize 2019

Zamir Borojevic from Binningen (BL) wins the Swiss Junior Water Prize 2019

Raperswill (4th May 2019) – The national contest for young researchers, Swiss Youth in Science, closed its 53th edition recognising the efforts of the 109 participants who made it to the final. The Swiss Junior Water Prize 2019 was granted to Zamir Borojevic, a talented young student (19) from the  from the Gymnasium Oberwil (BL)  for his work Tardigrada – Bärtierchen unter dem Einfluss von Säuren / Laugen und UV-C Licht”, a research on a species highly resistant to extreme environmental conditions, found in most water bodies, moss and sediment.

The awarded entry is a meticulous research project that experimentally tested the tolerance limits of Hypsibius exemplaris to acidic and alkaline fluids as well as UV-C radiation. Works researching on various extreme environmental conditions are winning importance in the face of climate change, thus understanding the defence and adaptation mechanisms in different species is crucial in contributing to finding solutions for protecting the environment. In this sense, Zamir produced with his experiments a very solid data basis and presents an interesting view on the tiny tardigrades, which count among the toughest species to be found in water bodies and humid environments.

The jury of Swiss Youth in Science acknowledged Zamir´s work the distinction “excellent” and commented with the following words “Zamir Borojevic involved himself deeply in his project with tardigrades and the mechanisms of cryptobiosis, a condition in which an organism does not show any obvious signs of life and whose metabolic activity is difficult to detect. How the tardigrades manage to adapt to rapidly changing environmental conditions without damaging their cells is still largely unclear. With his work, Zamir Borojevic provides a further insight into the fascinating skills of tardigrades”

About Swiss Junior Water Prize

The Swiss Junior Water Prize recognizes young students between 15 and 20 years old, who have conducted outstanding school projects related to water and sanitation with proven environmental, scientific, social or technological significance. The winner is entitled to represent Switzerland in the international competition Stockholm Junior Water Prize, held during the World Water Week. The Swiss Junior Water Prize is a joint effort of the Swiss Water Partnership and the Swiss Toilet Organisation, aiming to encourage Swiss Youth to grow an interest in water and sustainability issues.



The Swiss Junior Water Prize can be carried out thanks to the sponsorship of the following organisations.

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A special recognition to VSA for their contribution to enhancing the visibility of the Swiss Junior Water Prize within the water sector.


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