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Looking Ahead to the WWDR2018

Dr Florian Thevenon represented WaterLex in Perugia, Italy on 13-14 September at the Inception Workshop of the 2018 World Water Development Report (WWDR2018), organized by the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) of UNESCO. Over thirty experts convened to discuss the scope, structure, and content of the WWDR2018. The report will focus on opportunities for nature-based solutions and how these can help address targets of water related Sustainable Development Goal (SDG6). The meeting also reinforced the cross-cutting nature of water in the overall SDG agenda.

From the WWAP website, “…the WWDR is part of an ongoing worldwide assessment project to measure progress towards achieving the goals of sustainable development set out by the United Nations. It belongs to a lineage of commitments and efforts made in the international community to resolve the world’s water problems, an effort that dates back several decades. The WWDR seeks to answer the questions being asked by the international community: how far have we come towards meeting the targets of sustainable development? How far have we yet to do? What actions can we take to make the path smoother, and faster? In today’s changing world, the Report takes stock of past actions, present challenges, and future opportunities in order to provide decision-makers with up-to-date, reliable information that can help to change the ways in which we use water.”

Dr Thevenon stated that he was, “…encouraged by the breadth and diversity of topics discussed in detail by the participants,” and that, “WaterLex is excited to be a contributor to the report, in light of our SDG implementation work moving forward. This holistic approach is important to finding solutions to the world’s water challenges. Creating this report in collaboration with the team of experts will be a strong step forward in 2018 and beyond.”

Photo above, credit WWAP. Group Picture of the participants to the Inception Meeting workshop.

For Information on the UNESCO WWAP, please see the following links:


The UNESCO WWAP report of this meeting is posted here.

The WWDR2016 focuses on “Water and Jobs” and is posted here.

The WWDR2017 focuses on “Wastewater” and will be published soon. Dr Thevenon reviewed some of the chapters in this report, and this topic will be a supporting part of the work of WaterLex in 2017.

For WaterLex engagement on this, and more information, please contact:
Dr Florian Thevenon, Scientific Officer
+41 (0) 22 907 36 46

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