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Call for Technologies!

Inputs on technologies for water treatment of management systems wanted!

We have the great opportunity to feature SWP members in the May newsletter of the Cleantech Cluster from Switzerland Global Enterprise.

The Newsletter goes out to over 700 companies registered in the CUBE database, many of them are active in the cleantech field.

LINK: https://www.s-ge.com/en/article/news/cleantech-cube

This is your chance to submit an input to the SWP Secretariat until the 30. April 2018!

Your opportunity: Submit your input about

  • What enabling technologies for water treatment of management systems (e.g. control systems and software) do you use?
  • What are your activities linked to the use of this technology?
  • Share your successes and opportunities
  • What problems need a solution and how can the companies get involved and find out more (e.g. through tenders, calls for projects, collaborations, partnerships, trade shows, conferences, webinars)?

Interested SWP members please submit your input per email directly to me until 30. April 2018.

In case of any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the SWP Secretariat.

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