The ongoing SWP activities are informed by the SWP Action Plans which are approved each year by the members of the SWP during the general assembly. SWP activities, key milestones and key products are clustered in the three key objectives: dynamic learning, strong Swiss voice and water dialogue. These objectives are in line with the SWP Vision.

The entire Action Plan including the long term vision and milestones, can be found here.

Dynamic learning


Create a dynamic learning environment:

  • By offering space of reflexions and dialogue, leading to the emergence of new ideas and trends
  • By working together for specific events or even in projects, members lean from each other and mutually reinforce their expertise

Key Activities

  • Survey on Capacities
  • Knowledge sharing and networking events
  • Mapping of current training offer in the water sector

Strong Swiss Voice


  • Increase the knowledge of the current and future Swiss water specialists to maintain them as highly valued and recognized actors at the international level
  • Promote the reflexions, ideas and knowledge of the SWP members internationally
  • Promote innovation and expertise internationally
  • Increase the coherence in action and discourse between the SWP members

Key Activities

  • Facilitate participation at thematic events of the Stockholm World Water Week (SWWW)
  • Coordinate the joint Swiss booth at the SWWW
  • Coordinate the Swiss presence at the World Water Forum
  • Organise study tours and workshops in Switzerland for strategic partners (e.g. World Bank)
  • Explore possibilities for SWP Consortia
  • Document key existing cross-sector initiatives

Water Dialogue


  • Feed the innovations and expertise into policy processes in Switzerland, in different
    countries and globally and ensure that appropriate sector policies are effectively
  • Through concrete projects and strategic partnerships, improve the project design by major sector actors (e.g. development banks)

Key Activities

  • Meetings to report on advocacy progress
  • Collaboration with National Water Partnerships
  • Dialogue on SDG implementation and monitoring

SWP Vision

Driven by its values of solidarity and integrity, the SWP as a partnership strives to become a globally well recognized brand of high quality solutions for water security and the platform for water in Switzerland. To achieve this vision, the SWP strives to become:

  • A knowledge hub
  • A knowledge setter
  • A cross-sector innovation carrier

To learn more about the SWP Vision, please consult the action plan.