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Water Resources Management Programme Nepal


Most of the drinking water systems in the hill areas are gravity flow systems using natural spring water. The water sources may be used or claimed by several hamlets for different purposes. Thus, water resources planning at local level are an essential step towards sustainable and equitable resource management.

The Water Resources Management Programme (WARM-P) evolved in the year 2001 by incorporating the substantial experience and learning accumulated by its predecessor programmes, the Community Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (1976-1994) and the Self Reliant Drinking Water Support Programme (1995-2000). The scope and mandate of WARM-P has been broadened from water and sanitation towards integrated water resources management. WARM-P, through preparation of water use master plan, seeks to ensure that available water resources within a village development committee or in a cluster of villages are socially and economically assessed and harnessed, equitably distributed and optimally used by the communities.