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Rehabilitation and Management of the Ar-Ruj Irrigation Scheme Idlib, Syria

At the request of local institutions and farmers, Geo Expertise completed a rehabilitation assessment of the Al Ruj irrigation scheme (Idlib – Syria) and began implementing the project after securing the required funding from the the Qatar Development Fund trough the Qatar Red Crescent.
The project comprises the rehabilitation of irrigation canals, the repair or replacement of pumps and the installation of two electric generators.
The current phase aims at restoring irrigation on 700 hectares for the production of food crops such as wheat, legumes and vegetables in order to raise the level of food security. It is expected that the production of wheat will be increased by 2,000 tons without over drafting groundwater resources. The project provides employment for farmers, experts, engineers and technicians. It contributes to improving livelihoods and reduces immigration. The number of beneficiaries of the project is estimated at 28,000 comprising 55% children.
To ensure continuity of the project, a local management system was developed based on the establishment of a water user association and a funding plan was designed including the private sector, water users and funding agencies.

The Ar-Ruj rehabilitation and management project was designed and is implemented by Syrian experts, engineers and technicians in collaboration with local institutions and water users. The project demonstrates the capacity of the population and Syrian organizations to take charge of the situation with the support of international agencies.

Rehabilitation irrıgation scheme Ar Ruj – Idlib – Syriaاعادة تاهيل مشروع الري في سهل الروج – ادلب – سورياhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1cH0K-Q7jlGB-1gMCB3twc49N8qswjulT/view?usp=sharing

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