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Terre des Hommes’ (TDH) mission is to work for the rights of the child and for equitable development, without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination. To this end, TDH supports and implements development and humanitarian aid projects designed to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children, and of their families and communities. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the conceptual framework guiding the activities of TDH. Tdh’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programme are governed by principles within the framework of a child rights approach to programming. The Tdh integrated approach consists of both the curative and preventative measures of WASH interventions, health care (primary treatment, nutrition, etc.), protection (psycho-social) and advocacy, so as to tackle the basic causes of the situation. The integrated approach, even in the limited scope of an emergency operation, is accepted by Tdh as the best practice.


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Thematic expertise

Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Watershed & land management (basin/local level, participatory/multi-stakeholder planning)

Water for people

  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Rural/ semi-urban water supply and sanitation
  • Urban water supply and sanitation
  • Human right to water and sanitation (include water quality, equity, accountability, etc.)
  • Water technologies (water supply and treatment)
  • Sanitation technologies
  • Hygiene promotion and behavior changes
  • Operation and maintenance, monitoring (soft aspects)
  • Financing
  • Other

Water for food

  • Irrigation techniques (e.g. efficiency of irrigation technologies)

Water for nature

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • DRR (flood management/ drought)

Water and climate change

  • Adaptation
  • Mitigation

Geographic expertise

Contact Person

Bruno Pascual - bruno.pascual@tdh.ch


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