The Water Action Hub (“the Hub”) is an online matchmaking tool developed by the CEO Water Mandate in collaboration with Deloitte, the German Development agency GIZ (on behalf of BMZ), and the Pacific Institute.

The Hub helps companies and other organizations meet their long term water-related objectives through collective action by providing them with information that allows them to more effectively understand which stakeholders are active in particular river basins and any relevant water-related initiatives these stakeholders are undertaking.

The core of this online tool is a data management system that facilitates match-making through efficient interoperability of a wide range of information sets. The Hub allows users to identify potential collective action opportunities by location or action areas.  Users are able to filter for ongoing projects, organizations with similar interests, or to learn about past projects.

The Hub features a simple mapping function that visually places organizations’ salient water-related projects as well as organization locations on global maps.

Explore the hub HERE.

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