Nov 8, 2017 | 10:00 am
10:00 - 17:00

Allresto | Bern

Why Join this Event?

The event mainly tagets SWP members. It aims at providing space for the SWP members to share experiences on the monitoring of water-related SDG targets with a particular focus on strengthening capacity. Whereas the country level will be in the centre of the reflections, ways to create effective linkages between country, regional and global levels will also be an important element. Moreover, the science – policy interface will be highlighted, among others by connecting practitioners and academics and by stimulating exchanges on the contribution of research to improve the effectiveness of SDG 6 monitoring.

The event will enable the participants to have a better overview of various SWP member’s initiatives related to SDG 6 monitoring and contribute to SWP member’s draft products or tools through peer-review. Additionally, recommendations on how to strengthen the monitoring process at country level will be formulated on the basis of the member’s experience. These recommendations will contribute to the global knowledge exchange event of the UN Integrated Monitoring Initiative in the Netherlands (Delft) on 21-23 November.

Prior to an interactive session (marketplace), a series of inputs will help clarifying the framework and stimulating reflections. We will have the honor to welcome Mrs Monique Berendsen, SDG 6 Focal Point at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, who will share the experience of the Netherlands, one of the UN water pilot countries for SDG 6 monitoring.

For more detailed information have a look at the PROGRAM.

Registration Deadline: 31st October 2017 via the SWP Secretariat


The Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) was strongly engaged in shaping the Swiss position on the post-2015 water goal. It coordinated the national consultation in Switzerland, during which its members contributed with high enthusiasm. The Swiss position, which advocated for a dedicated water goal, is well reflected in the adopted Agenda 2030. Swiss-based water actors are now highly interested to contribute to the reflections on SDG 6 monitoring and implemention. The Partnership therefore committed to provide space for reflections on SDG 6 monitoring and implementation and to share information with its members on ongoing processes in Switzerland, at country level, and internationally.

Event location: Allresto, Effingerstrasse 20, , Bern, Switzerland

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