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Your Expertise at the TIP Platform





Invitation to the TIP Platform of the Korea International Water Week 2017 (KIWW 2017)

Event: 20th-23rd September 2017     |     Session Proposal Deadline: 19th May 2017

You are invited to contribute your expertise to the TIP Platform in KIWW 2017. The TIP (Technology, Implementation, Policy) Platform is the signature program of the Korea International Water Week 2017 (KIWW 2017). It was designed to lead implementation based on developed policies and technologies, and aims to promote sharing knowledge and experiences on practical solutions for water challenges at various scales.

The TIP Platform will be composed of total 15 selected sessions and held from 20th to 23rd 2017 in Gyeongju, Rep. of Korea during the KIWW 2017.

The session proposals aim to shed a light on the current issues of the following five Focus Areas of the TIP Platform:

  1. Smart Water Management
  2. Water Recycling and Reuse
  3. Water for Socio-economic Development
  4. Water Governance and Partnership
  5. Water ODA

Deadline: The session proposal can be submitted through the official website no later than 19th May, 2017.

Thank you in advance for additionally informing the SWP on your topic in case of your participation in the TIP sessions: Email

For more information on the TIP Platform click HERE.

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