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Invitation: Marketplace and Networking Lunch

Meet Water Reform Leaders from Tajikistan

18th September 2017 | 12.00-14.00 | Geneva University

The SWP is pleased to announce that the Study Visit on River Basin Management and Institutions has been confirmed and will take place from 18th-20th September 2017 in Geneva.

SWP would like to invite its members to meet water reform leaders from Tajikistan during a lunch session (marketplace and standing lunch). See below:

Duration2 hours
ObjectivesLearn about Swiss innovative solutions (technical and/or based on governance aspects)

Network with Swiss Water sector ctors

Proposed content Market place with a short collective round of elevator pitches by the members, followed by a standing lunch allowing participants to discuss with SWP members.

Interested SWP Members please contact the SWP Secretariat HERE.


About the Study Visit on River Basin Management and Institutions:

The Government of Tajikistan (GoT) is very active at international and national level in addressing water management. At the national level the GoT has been making efforts in reforming its water sector. The main principle of the reform is moving the water management from administrative boundaries to hydrological basins, and this significant change will require setting up the river basin management institutions (River Basin Organizations and River Basin Councils) in line with IWRM principle.

The Study Visit on River Basin Management and Institutions aims at explaining theory, international practice and lessons learnt on the river basin management to a delegation from Tajikistan. The delegation will be composed of 16 water reform leaders from the Syrdarya Basin and Zervshan Sub-Basin in Tajikistan that visit Switzerland to build their common understanding on the reform principles such as IWRM and river basin management.

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