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WaterLex at the 2016 Budapest Water Summit

The Budapest Water Summit will take place 28-30 November 2016, and is organised by the Hungarian Government in cooperation with the World Water Council, under the patronage of János Áder, President of Hungary. The organisers have invited WaterLex to be a part of this important event.

WaterLex Director General Amanda Loeffen will be speaking on “Good Water Governance – Important Not Only for Water” (Side Event, 28 November 2016, 15:30-16:30, Tisza Gallery). WaterLex Senior Legal Advisor, Viktoria Mohos Naray is confirmed to speak in the Civil Forum, “Start with the baseline: importance of country mapping” in the Civil Forum, 28 November, 16:30 – 18:30, Session 1: Implementing SDG6 through governance Outlining potential tools for successful outcomes.

Budapest Water Summit 2016

At the 2013 Budapest Water Summit, the Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations, in cooperation with WaterLex, launched the National Human Rights Institutions Initiative for Good Water Governance during a side event.

WaterLex is pleased to be a part of the 2016 Budapest Water Summit and will be sharing an update during and after the event.

From the Budapest Water Summit website:

The mission of the Summit aims that instead of conflicts and global risks water shall be the source of cooperation, peace and development for all the countries committed to sustainable development.

To this end, participants of the Budapest Water Summit 2016 will lay down their proposed solutions for the relevant international bodies by adopting the „Budapest Statement 2016”. The objective of the Budapest Water Summit 2016 is to facilitate water to be the source of cooperation, peace and development in all countries that have a stake in sustainable development, instead of being the cause of global risks and further conflicts of the 21st century. For this purpose, the participants of the Summit shall discuss and adopt the “Budapest Statement 2016” in order to be able to propose solutions to the relevant international forums. 

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 builds upon the results and success of the Budapest Water Summit 2013, the Paris Climate Change Conference and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by UN Member States. The Budapest Water Summit 2013 and the Budapest Statement 2013 has become a consensus-building reference point in international climate politics, a success that the Budapest Water Summit 2016 shall also pursue to achieve.

For more information:

Please see the Budapest Water Summit website.

The Civil Forum programme is posted here.


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About WaterLex:

WaterLex is an international public interest development organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a UN-Water Partner with UN ECOSOC special consultative status. Its mission is to develop sustainable solutions based on human rights to improve water governance worldwide, particularly in regard to consistent water law and policy frameworks, with the Sustainable Development Goals (especially SDG 6, water for all) in mind. It is an official member of the Global Water Partnership, UNDP Cap-Net, UNDP Global Water Solidarity, UNEP Global Wastewater Initiative, and Swiss Water Partnership.

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