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Improving Partnership Governance in Water Services through PPPs

The goal of this initiative is effective water governance for all water users. One of many methods to achieve this is through Public-Private Partnerships for water services. Partnerships that create clear communication channels among partners and stakeholders are more likely to provide effective water governance. The ten themes in this initiative seek to contribute toward improved water partnerships, and hopefully effective water governance for all users. They are complemented by a guidance toolkit and comprehensive Implementation Guidelines, as well as recommendations with references to supportive tools that exist elsewhere (in the Tool Container – a library of documents from organisations and researchers around the world). ecos was responsible for the development and coaching of the project and was as well involved in the controlling board. Above that, ecos was the manager of a several-month international “multi stakeholder process” in order to negotiate, with affected parties and participants, the basic principles of a fair participation of private individuals in the financing and realisation of water projects. Over 300 stakeholder representatives have helped to shape these tools, including representatives from national, regional and local governments, UN and multilateral organisations, local authorities, public utilities, civil-society organisations, private companies, business organisations, labour unions, international financial institutions and development agencies, as well as water expert groups. Read more