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Blue Schools in the region of Kaolack, Senegal

The project was carried out in the two schools of Kahone 1 and Fass Kahone, located in the Kahone municipality, region of Kaolack, Senegal. The general objective of this project is to create healthy conditions in two schools in Senegal, to raise children’s environmental awareness and to prepare them to face the predicted impacts of climate change. The specific objectives aim to improve water and sanitation accessibility in these schools by constructing rainwater harvesting systems and adequate toilets; to lead reforestation actions in the local area and create a vegetable garden in each school, thus reducing erosion and improving the children’s diets; to strengthen the local community’s capacity to adapt to climate change and facilitate the creation of a new generation of environmentalists. 1,149 children and their 29 teachers and staff members were the direct beneficiaries of this project. The IRHA and its local partner Caritas Kaolak created and trained the Parents-Authorities-Children-Teachers (PACT) committees who are the guarantors of the action’s sustainability. They built two rainwater harvesting systems with 50m3 tanks, 26 toilets and 13 urinals and rehabilitated the existing ones; organized training sessions on Hygiene, Environmental Protection and Peace and Tolerance. Finally, the reforestation action enriched the environment with 1,149 trees planted on public land and 150 trees on the school grounds.