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Waterpreneurs is a global trans-boundary accelerator supporting the scaling-up of impact investments financing the growth of local water entrepreneurs contributing to the realisation of the human right to water and sanitation (SDG 6)


A/ Based on practices of shared value creation, collaborative economy and social entrepreneurship, Waterpreneurs connects local entrepreneurs that have sustainable solutions for access to safe water (and sanitation) with impact investors, who can finance the scaling-up of their activities.

 B/ Our activities and services are systemic and create local peer-to-peer due diligence mechanisms for global impact. Waterpreneurs foster interactions between global players from the private sector, the public sector and from civil society to direct finance toward impact projects in the communities.

C/ Our ecosystem comprises mainly: impact investors, social entrepreneurs, NGO’s, corporate value chains (with a primary focus on: agro/food, extractives et water operators), development agencies, United Nations, audit/consulting and insurances companies, experts in human rights and water.

 D/ Waterpreneurs is a hybrid organisation, with for-profit activities and services (through a LLC company based in Geneva) and non-for-profit projects (through a public interest association, based in canton de Vaud).

 E / Waterpreneurs Association supports Solidarity projects, financed through donations and grants.

 F/ Waterpreneurs LLC vision is implemented through 4 major lines of service:

  1. Entrepreneurs meeting investors (SOURCING)
  2. Water impact funds supporting entrepreneurs (BUNDLING)
  3. Corporate value chains (i.e. coffee & cocoa) supporting local water entrepreneurs (FACILITATING)
  4. Consulting companies integrating “Water & human rights monitoring tools for business” into their services (MONITORING)


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Innovate 4 Water – A matchmaking forum for sustainable developmentThursday, 08. June 2017 to Friday, 09. June 2017 WIPO

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Franck Barroso - franck.barroso@waterpreneurs.net


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