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The Swiss based company Trunz Water Systems develops, manufactures and distributes sustainable and cost effective solutions for water purification and desalination as well as solar power centers. The innovative company offers sustainable solutions for decentralised potable water and electricity supply in remote areas. The units are exceptionally energy efficient, independent, compact and environmentally friendly. Up to now, over 650 Trunz Water Systems are already operating in more than 35 countries all over the world. All of the water treatment systems are low maintenance and easy to install. The capacity depends on the raw water quality and ranges from 7’000 to 50’000 litres a day. The Trunz innovative and environmentally friendly technologies produce clean drinking water from polluted water and salt water with solar and/or wind energy. An ultrafiltration membrane or a reverse osmosis system (for sea or brackish water) removes all viruses and bacteria (and salts) without requiring toxic chemical treatment.


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Water for people

  • Rural/ semi-urban water supply and sanitation
  • Water technologies (water supply and treatment)
  • Operation and maintenance, monitoring (soft aspects)

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  • Kenya: mobile water treatment

    During a road trip through Kenya, our dealer promoted clean, safe water for remote communities. For easy relocation and transportation, a trailer mounted Trunz Water System powered by solar provided ideal equipment for such application (also for military, disaster response etc.). Read more
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  • Philippines: Water Shop Concept

    The local Rotary club donated a Trunz Water System incl. solar energy supply and construction work in order to establish a water shop. The installation is situated in a school ground where the children receive clean drinking water for free whereas the community inhabitants pay a small fee for water. With this sales return, a […]
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  • Malaysia: decentralised drinking water supply for remote communities

    Trunz Water Systems in cooperation with the local dealer installed several water treatment systems in remote communities where no infrastructure was available. All units are powered by solar energy and work independently, even under harsh climate conditions. A water and pumping station was built in each village where the inhabitants can fill in bottles etc. […]
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