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The Swiss Bluetec Bridge…

…strives to accelerate sustainable access to water and sanitation for economically poor people. Typically, these un- or underserved customers live in rural areas and in small towns in low and lower middle income countries.

We offer financing (up to CHF 250,000) and advice to innovative Swiss-based start-ups, SME and social entrepreneurs who are at the early stage of their journeys. At the end of the process, entrepreneurs who have succeeded in the field get recognised and promoted through the Swiss Bluetec Bridge label and network.

Included in our scope are innovative technologies, processes and business models that aim at:

  • purifying water for human consumption or agriculture;
  • providing drinking water (extract, ship, store, etc.) and ensuring more sustainable and equitable delivery of water supply services;
  • making water use more efficient (human consumption, irrigation, small industries, energy generation, other uses, …), and
  • preserving water quality (wastewater & sludge treatment at household or community level, other interventions intending to protect/preserve water in the immediate environment or in the related watershed).

Ideated in 2011 by the Global Programme Water at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Swiss Bluetec Bridge is managed by Strategos SA, a Swiss boutique consulting practice, specialised in strategy, organization, management, development and training. Our goal is to help businesses and organisations identify and work on fundamental business, strategy and organizational questions with the aim to build enabling and sustainable solutions.


  • Will you be the 10th portfolio entrepreneur?

    Swiss Bluetec Bridge 7th call for proposals is out! Its portfolio features nine projects across Africa, Asia and Latin America.   You have an innovative technology in the water sector serving low-income customers in small towns and rural areas in frontier markets? Then check out all the details on
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  • Apply now for the Swiss prize for sustainable development- prix

    In 2017,, the Swiss Forum for Sustainable Development, is devoted to worldwide, fair and affordable access to water and sanitation. At the forum, the prix will be awarded at the Basel Theater on 31 March. This year’s prize is looking for Swiss ideas and solutions which help address the global water crisis. Submit […]
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  • News on Swiss Bluetec Bridge website

    Please visit our website for up to date information (click on news item for the link). Feel free to contact us for any question you may have under Thanks and have a good day. The Swiss Bluetec Bridge team
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Joint information event – 6 September 2016 in BernTuesday, 06. September 2016 National Bern

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  • Fontes

    Fontes – affordable water for DRC remote areas Through its local partner Fontes will provide water delivery services in DR Congo by taking over existing schemes to serve large communities living in rural and semi-urban areas. Fontes will add energy services as needed and develop the needed monitoring and payments systems. Fontes has been operating […]
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  • Sterilux

    SteriLux – medical sterilization devices for remote areas The Steribox pictured below sterilizes medical instruments using 1000 times less water and 100 times less electricity compared to conventional sterilizers. Other assets are its ease of use, cheap  consumables and affordable price. Thus it meets well the needs of health centers and smaller hospitals located outside […]
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  • ennos

    Nicaragua & Honduras: sunlight pump for smallholders ennos gmbh develops and distributes the sunlight pump, a portable solar water pump for irrigation and domestic water supply in developing countries. The technology combines income, productivity and labour-saving benefits. It will be made accessible in several countries through the establishment of a supply chain and affordable payment […]
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  • AquaNetto

    Kenya: Water kiosks for villages Rural populations in northern Kenya suffer from acute water scarcity because the environment they live in is semi-arid. Local infrastructure is limited and a pastoralist lifestyle prevails. Water scarcity, poor water quality and opportunity costs (time spent searching for and collecting water, nutritional loss, etc.) lead to frequent water borne […]
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  • Swiss Intech

    DR Congo: Swiss Intech for more efficient water supply The project aims to develop the market in the DRC through a network of local partners (NGOs, companies, churches, well owners, farmers’ cooperatives and individuals) and demonstration projects. In the short term, the objective is to sell 200 pumps. In the long term, the market in […]
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  • NVTerra

    Ivory Coast: quality drinking water for Addah Village The residents of Addah Village in rural Ivory Coast have been waiting for access to clean drinking water for many years. The project consists in the installation of a drinking water treatment plant NVAqua® with a capacity of 100m3/day to treat insalubrious water from a well. The […]
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  • Weconnex

    Nepal: Rural Water Enterprise Development In the Nawalparasi district, about 79,000 people are at risk of drinking water that is contaminated with arsenic. Drinking such water over a long period is resulting in various health effects including skin problems, skin cancer, and cancer of the bladder, kidney and lung as well as other diseases. Through […]
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  • Swiss Fresh Water

    Senegal: Safe drinking water for rural populations In the Sine Saloum Delta in Senegal, the available surface and ground water is not suitable for human consumption because of high levels of salt and fluoride, causing serious illnesses. Swiss Fresh Water (SFW) has been running a pilot project in the region since May 2011, providing the […]
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