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Skat Consulting Ltd. is an independent resource centre and consulting company in the fields of development and humanitarian aid. Skat is committed to reducing the gap between rich and poor through the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and the improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged and marginalised people. We have provided technical expertise and management support, as well as training and research facilities, since 1978. We implement projects, provide consultancy, policy and technical support, do evaluations and specialise in the transfer of technologies and approaches. Our core areas of competence are: water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), energy and climate, solid waste management, building and settlement development, networks and knowledge management, and governance.


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Thematic expertise

Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Watershed & land management (basin/local level, participatory/multi-stakeholder planning)
  • National/transboundary watershed management (incl. policy/institutional issues)
  • Data collection and modelling (GIS, hydrology, etc.)

Water for people

  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Rural / semi-urban / urban water supply and sanitation
  • Human right to water and sanitation (include water quality, equity, accountability, etc.)
  • Water and sanitation technologies
  • Hygiene promotion and behavior changes
  • Operation and maintenance, monitoring (soft aspects)
  • Financing

Water for other uses

  • Water for energy (hydroelectric techniques, management and financing, water food energy nexus)

Water for nature


  • Payments for watershed services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • DRR (flood management/ drought)

Geographic expertise

Contact Person

Florian Klingel -


  • Backstopping Mandate to SDC’s Water Initiatives

    Since 1996, Skat implements a Backstopping Mandate in Water & Sanitation (BSM W&S), which provides SDC’s Water Initiatives division (WIs) the professional services in the area of Water for People and IWRM needed to further the agency’s drive to promote the realization of the MDGs and the sustainable development of the sector beyond 2015.
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  • PEPP

    Skat, in partnership with STPH, is implementing for SDC a drinking water supply project in the Great Lakes region with the main objectives of improving the access to sustainable drinking water supply systems and respecting equal access to water of good quality of about 400,000 people in Rwanda, Burundi and the DR of Congo. The […]
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    ApaSan’s Project goal is to contribute to improved quality of life and public health of the rural population in Moldova through increased sustainable access to safe drinking water and environmental sanitation (WES). In phase 1 ApaSan built on the achievements, expertise, partnerships and positioning established by SDC’s WatSan Programme and has embarked on a scaling-up […]
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Guidebook for the implementation of decentralised water supply systems in Moldova [pdf - 1.29 MB]In 10 years of successful cooperation between Switzerland and Moldova, rural communities in Moldova have been supported with the construction of decentralized water supply systems.These new water supply systems use springs located close to the villages and distribute the water through a pipe [...]