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Sanakvo is a non-profit, humanitarian, globally acting Swiss foundation to make clean, drinking water available to the neediest people. It uses a new, revolutionary, low-cost and lowest energy system generating pure water from air. The new technology uses binding of atmospheric humidity into a hygroscopic liquid (glycerol) from which it is recovered in a form of pure liquid water by solar heat. The structures utilized are of low cost, easily produced on large scale and environment-friendly. Air humidity is an unlimited and omnipresent source of clean water! Thus a new source of clean water everywhere on the planet is opened. If implementation on large scale is successful, a profound impact on the whole planet can be expected.


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Thematic expertise

Water for people

  • Rural/ semi-urban water supply and sanitation
  • Urban water supply and sanitation
  • Water technologies (water supply and treatment)
  • Other

Water for food

  • Irrigation techniques (e.g. efficiency of irrigation technologies)
  • Other

Water for nature

  • DRR (flood management/ drought)
  • Other

Water and climate change

  • Mitigation
  • Other

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Pavel Lehky -


  • Drinking water for Haitian school

    The goal of the project is to supply the new school ‘Ecole mixte Arc-en-Ciel du Haut-Valais’ in Montrouis Haiti (100 children) with clean drinking water with the low-cost Sanakvo-technology by the year 2014. The high-quality and low-cost Sanakvo-water-from-air-technology is well adapted to Haiti, which faces water scarcity due to the destruction of existing water-pipelines and […]
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