Odermatt & Brockmann

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Odermatt & Brockmann is an independent joint venture by Dr. Daniel Odermatt and Dr. Carsten Brockmann, experts in the field of aquatic Earth observation and geoinformatics with several years of experience in science and commerce. We provide satellite Earth observation services, perform research and development, and advise stakeholders in the interpretation and integration of Earth observation products.


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Thematic expertise

Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Satellite and airborne remote sensing
  • Water quantity and quality information
  • A synoptic component to bridge local measurements and models
  • Frequent, objective and reproducible estimates
  • A data basis for exploratory surveys in sparsely probed regions

Water for nature

  • Detection of trends and shifts in the state of the environment
  • Indication of sedimentation, eutrophication, hypoxia or changing light regimes in natural waters
  • Historic satellite data archive analyses

Geographic expertise

Contact Person

Mr Daniel Odermatt - daniel.odermatt@odermatt-brockmann.ch


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