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The Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH) was formed in March 2007 under the initiative of Swiss, European and Middle Eastern scientists who graduated from several Swiss Universities and their professors. Their specialties involve different scientific researches in water, environment and health, and promoting different multidisciplinary points of view. GIWEH was formed in response to a recognized need for a new, broad-based focus in the inter-disciplinary subject of hydrology, environment and health. We aim to stimulate interest in the scientific and applied aspects to the challenges of our common future such as climate change and anthropogenic factors. GIWEH is a Swiss-based, not-for-profit technical, research and training organization, currently located in the center of Geneva, very close to numerous international organizations, and NGOs, as well as many multinational firms. GIWEH focuses on the relationship between water, environment and their respective impacts on the health of humans and all other life forms. The Institute conducts research, implements technical and scientific applications, relative to the management and protection of water resources thus promoting an improved ecosystem, with benefits to health and environment.


  • The 5th International Conference on Water , Environment and Climate Change

    GIWEH is delighted to announce the upcoming International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate Change. The conference will take place on the 6th to the 8th of April at the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology in Alexandria, Egypt. With over 400 attendees from civil society, academia, private sector, and government, this conference will be an invaluable […]
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  • GIWEH’s contribution to the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), mid-term report for Georgia

    Dr. Nidal Salim was invited by the ISET Policy Institute  to act as an International Expert to contribute to the development of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for water resources management in Georgia and funded by USaid. According to USaid a Regulatory Impact Assessmen RIA) is a systematic process to making policy and regulation that […]
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  • Call for Proposals for the Citizens’ Process of the 8th World Water Forum

    As a member of the International Steering Committee of the Citizens’ Process for the 8th World Water Forum, March 2018 , the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health is happy to announce the release of the Call for Proposals! This is the first phase of the Call for Proposals, that will review and analyze the […]
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  • GIWEH Biannual Magazine N°5

    GIWEH 5th biannual magazine has been published beginning of August. The magazine, which you can find here, gives an update on GIWEH’s activites over the last 6 months.
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  • GIWEH becomes a Board member of the Asia Water Council

    GIWEH is proud to announce that it is now a Board Member of Asia Water Council (AWC). During the 1st General Assembly, held in Bali, Indonesia on March 26th, 2016, the Global Water Partnership Asia (Indonesia) and the Global Institute for Water Environment and Health (GIWEH) received a close number of votes to become a […]
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The 5th International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate ChangeFriday, 05. April 2019 to Monday, 08. April 2019 Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology

Thematic expertise

Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Watershed & land management (basin/local level, participatory/multi-stakeholder planning)
  • National/transboundary watershed management (incl. policy/institutional issues)
  • Data collection and modelling (GIS, hydrology, etc.)
  • Water policy (processes at international & national levels)

Water for people

  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Rural/ semi-urban water supply and sanitation
  • Human right to water and sanitation (include water quality, equity, accountability, etc.)
  • Water technologies (water supply and treatment)
  • Operation and maintenance, monitoring (soft aspects)

Water for other uses

  • Water for energy (hydroelectric techniques, management and financing, water food energy nexus)
  • Water processing

Water for nature

  • Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Geographic expertise

Contact Person

Kimberly McLeod -


  • Youth leadership Program

    Youth leadership Program is organized in collaboration with the University of Geneva, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), Damascus University in Syria, Fez University and the Faculté des science semlalia Marrakech at the University Cadi Ayyad in Morocco, and Birmingham University in the United Kingdom. The program focuses on water and environmental issues with an […]
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  • GIWEH International Conference on Water Resources and Environmental Management (ICWRE)

    GIWEH International Conference on Water Resources and Environmental Management (ICWRE) is a series of conferences organized in cooperation with UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), University of Geneva, Miahona. ICWRE-2011 was held on 20-24 […]
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  • GIWEH Training programs and Youth Leadership

    GIWEH runs a number of training programs in the field of water resources and environmental management. 1. Hands on Training on Water and Environmental Governance. The program welcomes students of undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate levels in environmental, political, social and/or economic disciplines and provides them with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of water and […]
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