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Geo Expertise is an NGO based in Geneva and working on the application of GIS as a strategic decision tool for accessibility issue to water driking and to basic health care services

We are group of experts working on:

  • The application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on several research domains;
  • Management of geo-referenced database;
  • The implementation of campaigns to collect geo – referenced database based on innovative method, reliable and inexpensive;
  • The development of standards, methodologies and tools to improve the collection, storage and analysis of geo – referenced data;
  • Conduct spatial analysis and generation of thematic map and statistical reports;
  • Training in capacity building (technique and Management of water resource) and Geographical information System.


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Water for resilience and recovery in SyriaMonday, 18. June 2018 to Friday, 29. June 2018 Maison de la Paix
Water for resilience and recovery in SyriaTuesday, 19. June 2018 to Friday, 29. June 2018 Maison de la Paix

Thematic expertise

Geographic expertise

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Ahmed Haj Asaad -


  • Water for Basic Needs and Social Cohesion in Syria

    Access to water for both domestic and agricultural purposes remains a critical issue in Syria. Water is not only essential to emergency relief; it is also integral to longer-term prospects. Prior to the conflict water supply systems for domestic usages and for irrigation were managed by state services. In areas out of control of the […]
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  • Appui au développement de la petite irrigation au Niger

     Le développement de la petite irrigation est une priorité de la politique agricole. Une vingtaine de programme de coopération porte sur cette thématique. Toutefois, très peu d’information est disponible sur les capacités et besoins des exploitations familiales ainsi que sur le potentiel d‘extension des surfaces irriguées très variable selon les régions. Le programme en cours […]
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  • Effects of the conflict in Syria: corps production and water infrastrcuture

    Geo Expertise had conducted in collaboration with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) a campaign of collect geo-referenced data and satellite imagery analysis to assess the state of agriculture in Orontes Basin and North East of Syria. This study has contributed to assess the state of the  agriculture sector and has identified […]
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  • Negotiation of agreements for the rehabilitation and management of shared water supply networks

    The Program has documented in north western and central Syria 25 water supply networks crossed by demarcation lines and/or ethno-sectarian territorial limits. The rehabilitation and management of these water networks requires the establishment of a negotiation and mediation process involving all stakeholders. A pilot project is conducted by Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies […]
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  • Rehabilitation and Management of the Ar-Ruj Irrigation Scheme Idlib, Syria

    At the request of local institutions and farmers, Geo Expertise completed a rehabilitation assessment of the Al Ruj irrigation scheme (Idlib – Syria) and began implementing the project after securing the required funding from the the Qatar Development Fund trough the Qatar Red Crescent. The project comprises the rehabilitation of irrigation canals, the repair or […]
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  • Water Resources Management in the Asi (Orontes) River Basin: Assessment of Issues and Opportunities

    Provide a detailed statement of the use of water and the effects of the intensification of exploitation in terms of quantity and quality in relation to the different uses and functions of water; Identify and map the sources of water supply basin; locate areas of exploitation of groundwater in Orontes basin; Analyze the evolution (spatial […]
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