Federal Office for Agriculture

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The FOAG is the Swiss competence centre for all core issues relating to the agricultural secto.


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Thematic expertise

Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Watershed & land management (basin/local level, participatory/multi-stakeholder planning)
  • National/transboundary watershed management (incl. policy/institutional issues)

Water for people

  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Human right to water and sanitation (include water quality, equity, accountability, etc.)

Water for food

  • Supply chains & commercialization
  • Other

Water for other uses

  • Water for energy (hydroelectric techniques, management and financing, water food energy nexus)

Water for nature

  • Payments for watershed services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Water and climate change

  • Modelling
  • Adaptation
  • Mitigation
  • Other

Geographic expertise

Contact Person

Corinne Fankhauser - info@blw.admin.ch


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