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South Pole Group ( is a leading sustainability solution provider. The company headquartered in Zurich operates with 16 offices and spans 6 continents.

Initially focused on the development of premium carbon emission reduction projects, the company now offers a wide spectrum of sustainability services, including climate policy and strategy advisory. Its expertise covers the areas of climate change, forests and land use, water, sustainable cities and buildings, as well as renewable energy and energy efficiency. The company is determined to help its clients grow their business with ground breaking solutions which positively impact the environment and the needs of society.


  • Water reporting 101: How to land a coveted spot on the A-list

    Investors and other stakeholders are increasingly interested in knowing how resilient companies are in relation to their water-related risks. This year, the deadline for reporting to the 2016 CDP Water Programme is June 30th. Knowing your water risks and responding effectively has become key to a viable and competitive business. Not sure how to take […]
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  • Water Scoring: Managing the Risk of Having Big Fish Stuck in Polluted Ponds

    This article was written by Renat Heuberger, South Pole Group’s CEO, and was first published in the Huffington Post Green platform. This year’s number one sustainability risk is – water. According to the latest World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report, the adverse impacts of water crises could even surpass the impacts of climate change. The […]
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  • Call for freelance experts in corporate water stewardship and watershed investments

    South Pole Group, a Zurich-based global sustainability solutions provider, is looking to establish a network of experts to complement its extensive work on Corporate Water Stewardship and Watershed Investments. In the area of water, the Group focuses on assessment and disclosure of corporate water risks and related strategies, investments in watersheds to manage water risks at […]
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  • CDP & South Pole Group to deliver first ever global benchmark for corporate water management

    South Pole Group is partnering with CDP to carry out the world’s first global assessment of corporate efforts to tackle water security of 700 of the world’s largest companies. Together, CDP and South Pole Group will evaluate the water management practices of companies operating in 112 countries across the most water dependent industry sectors based […]
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Thematic expertise

Water for people

Clean Drinking Water Projects

Access to safe drinking water is a prerequisite for economic and social development. South Pole Group is specialised in results-based financing approaches to effectively provide safe drinking water to communities in need.

Quantified and certified results from our high-quality water projects offer transparent and communicable benefits, for both public donors and private companies. They also provide real positive impacts on the ground. We set up drinking water projects for farmers and employees along corporates’ operations and supply chains. This helps to guarantee a healthy and committed workforce, and to ensure the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders.

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Water for other uses

Tackling corporate water risks: Watershed investments

In order to effectively mitigate water risks, companies increasingly focus on taking action in relevant watersheds beyond the site level. Projects contribute to tackling local water risks, mitigating physical water scarcity, improving relationships with local communities and authorities and fostering cooperation with other relevant actors.

South Pole Group is ideally positioned to develop water projects in stressed catchments where a company operates or sources from. This lets a company manage water more effectively in line with your corporate water strategy. Based on our extensive experience in developing sustainability projects worldwide, we assist in all steps: designing, implementing, certifying and managing targeted local water projects.

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Water and climate change

Water assessment and disclosure

As lead scoring partner of the CDP Water program and with over 500 corporate clients worldwide, South Pole Group truly understands the links between sustainability and business. We are ideally positioned to assess corporate and production sites’ water impact and risks and assist in reporting these. Moreover, we support corporate water stewardship journey: from developing a sound fact base for decision-making to real action on the ground.

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