Dec 2, 2014 | 3:30 pm
15:30 - 18:30

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation | Bern

Status update on water in the SDGs, outlook and how you can get involved
The international community currently negotiates a global future development framework (SDG). Switzerland has among others prioritized water, developed and advocated for the Swiss position on a future global water goal with contributions from SWP members. On December 2nd two experts from the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide a status update on the SDG process after the Open Working Group Report has been submitted to the UN Secretary General and provide an outlook on the ongoing negotiations and discuss what contributions SWP members can make at this stage. Some perspectives on a new monitoring and evaluation mechanism and how to finance and implement the SDG on water will feed into an open discussion.

water in the SDGs
Thomas Zeller (SWP), Manuel Turnhofer (SDC) and Michael Gerber (FDFA)
water benefit standard
Thomas Zeller (SWP), Sascha Lafeld (First Climate), Brendan Smith (GSF), Johan Gély (SDC)

Water Benefit Standard (WBS): an innovative funding tool to implement the SDG on water?
The water benefit standard is an innovative finance mechanism to drive investment in and maximise the performance of sustainable water projects that could contribute to implementing the future water SDG. Two new SWP members (Gold Standard Foundation and First Climate) have contributed in developing the WBS and will explain you how this standard aims at creating a market for Water Benefit Certificates quantifying water-related and other socio-economic benefits, providing much needed finance for local communities living in water poverty. Some reflections how this new market is expected to develop and what opportunities there are for SWP members will launch an open discussion.

Thematic Networking Event Dez14

Networking aperitif
These two inspiring thematic exchanges are followed by an informal networking aperitif where you can further develop the inputs received with a snack and a refreshing drink sponsored by the Gold Standard Foundation and First Climate.

15.30           Welcome and Introduction
15.45           Status update on water in the SDGs
17.00           Water Benefit Standard (WBS): an innovative funding tool
18.00           Networking aperitif

Seats are limited. Please register here or send a mail to before 21.11. No entrance fee

SWP thematic event on SDGs and WBS_presentation slides
Swiss government’s homepage on post 2015

Event location: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Maulbeerstr. 10, , Bern, Switzerland

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