Oct 30, 2020 | 10:00 am
10:00 - 11:30

ECO-Broye, the nature and water conservation program in Henniez/Switzerland, is a role model on how a holistic, collaborative approach on shaping a sustainable landscape – including agriculture, energy sector and Nestlé – can contribute to protecting precious mineral water sources.
Key elements of the program include protective agriculture and land management as well as improved nutrient management – plus the provision of clean energy.

The “virtual field visit” aims at making this experience and insights available to a wider group of stakeholders interested in water protection.
During an approximately 90 minutes session the participants will learn more about the purpose and the key elements of ECO-Broye. They will also get in touch with key stakeholders and are invited to provide feedback to the program and Nestlé Waters’s commitments on Water Stewardship and Climate Neutrality.
The session will take the participants – live – to key areas of the program; Nestlé speakers and partners participate from “on the ground”, providing live views to the region and sites. Due to health aspects and current travel restrictions, the visit will take place virtually.

Date: October 30 2020, 10:00 CET.

Technical platform: Microsoft Teams (access via internet browser possible)
The virtual visit depends on weather conditions; in case of bad weather, changes might be necessary.

Registration: By e-mail to Meike.Schmidt@waters.nestle.com
After registration, participants will receive a link to access the virtual field trip and additional information on the event and the program.

The detailed program can be found here: Invitation – Virtual field trip to the Source Area of Henniez_30.10.2020

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