Oct 25, 2018 | 9:00 am
9:00 - 17:00


Water and disaster risk reduction (DRR) are closely linked and relevant across a wide range of sub-sectors and domains, such as infrastructure, access to water, natural resource management, water governance, sanitation& hygiene risk management. Water related disasters as floods, storms and droughts are intensified by the effects of climate change and tend to hit particularly the most vulnerable. Furthermore, inadequate, degraded or damaged WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) infrastructure and inappropriate health and hygiene practices can also trigger disasters, such as contamination or water-related diseases. It is therefore crucial to consider DRR when developing WASH services and infrastructure. The resilience of WASH services to natural disasters needs to be increased by knowing the risks and managing them through preventive and preparedness measures. Nevertheless, there are interesting opportunities to respond to the risks through water management strategies and eco-DRR measures at the broader scale, such as a watershed. Since 2014 the Swiss NGO DRR Platform organized and contributed to a series of events related to DRR and water/WASH (Aguasan, Face-Face-Workshop etc.), where tools and approaches where developed and presented.

Learning event

The event is addressed to non-DRR experts interested in the topic, particularly NGOs practitioners and staffs of SDC involved in projects and programmes related to water infrastructure, health & hygiene, natural resource management, water governance etc.

The event covers following two aspects: 1) DRR & WASH: Focus on the protection of people and infrastructure from water-related disasters. 2) DRR at watershed level: Focus on watersheds as source of water-related disasters but also Eco-DRR at watershed level as measures against disasters. The event is free of charge and open to anyone interested.


Enhance the thematic capacities and exchange of participants through: i) an overview of tools and guiding concepts (which were partially presented in earlier Platform events), ii) practical case study illustrations, iii) thematic discussions and exchange amongst practitioners in order to understand and systematically analyse potential risks in their portfolio and to get an overview of possible tools and risk reduction measures.


Participation is open to anyone interested and free of charge. Please register online until 03.10.2018. Contact for questions: eveline.studer@helvetas.org.

Further Information: Invitation and Programme

Note: A detailed programme will be shared two weeks prior to the event.

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