Water Job Offer | Youth Project Manager

If you are a young water enthusiast, this might be for you!!

The International Secretariat for Water is looking for a new team member!

Working with them means:

ūüí¶¬†Joining a¬†#young¬†and¬†#dynamic¬†team.
ūüí¶¬†Working with a wide network of partners¬†#worldwide.
ūüí¶¬†#Inspire¬†& be inspired by young leaders engaged for a sustainable world.
ūüí¶¬†Make the difference to build a peaceful ‚ėģ¬†#world¬†where¬†#water¬†is a vector of¬†#cooperation.

Join their team and help them scaling up their #WaterGeneration vision.

Deadline for application: January 19th 2020

Location: International Secretariat for Water, Montreal, Canada.

Have a look at the Job description:


New SDG Water Data Portal

The SDG 6 Data Portal was launched this summer at the World Water Week 2019 in Stockholm and brings together data on all the SDG 6 global indicators and other key social, economic and environmental parameters. Through maps, charts and tables, the portal offers tailored options for visualization and analysis of the data, including on interlinkages.

The SDG 6 Data Portal is an entry point to the wealth of water and sanitation information available within the UN system. The portal complements the Global SDG Indicators Database and indicator-specific databases by offering more in-depth information across all SDG 6 indicators.

Have a look at the portal HERE.

Peer Group Analysis: Water Investment Opportunity through Funds Solutions

The Water Investment Opportunity through Funds Solutions

This analysis looks at investments in water through various fund solutions. Such funds claim a sustainable investment mandate and are investing in various companies mainly in the  industrials, utilities, healthcare and technology sectors that aim to improve the efficient use of water, its access, service, stewardship and treatment. The analysis screens 19 funds and shows that most of theme have a better performance, a lower volatility and a smaller correlation to the global markets over the last 10 years. A concrete example then shows that this potential for diversification can hence be used strategically in an equity allocation to increase the performance of a portfolio and reduce its volatility. The water investment theme can hence be considered as an alternative to traditional investments in its own right.

The 3th Swiss Water Congress - 26. September 2019

ACQUA 360, the Swiss Water Congress of SVGW and VSA, will take place on 26 September 2019 in Lugano. For this congress, which is being held for the third time, the topic of safety has been chosen. The structure of the event is interactive and includes three special thematic blocks.

To find out more about the conference and to register, please go to  https://www.aquaetgas.ch/aktuell/branchen-news/20190701-acqua360-kongress/


European Youth Parliament for Water in Russia - Call for applications open

The International Secretariat for Water (ISW) is inviting young Europeans (18-30 years old) active and committed for water to participate in the 15th edition of the European Youth Parliament for Water, which will be held next September in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

The proposed theme is: ‚ÄúThe River basin: backbone of regional development‚ÄĚ.¬† The Parliament will focus on how the territorial unit of a river basin can be a driving force for a shared and sustainable management of the water and how young people can contribute to a better water resources management.

More detailed information:  https://www.sie-see.org/en/article/15th-european-youth-parliament-for-water/

Deadline: Applications are open until the 25th of July!




If your work is in toilet innovation, sanitation service models, sanitary products, organic resource recovery, waste treatment, preventative and digital health, energy, cleaning services, feminine care, MHM, organic fertilisers, nutrient solutions… we want to hear from you!

Since 2016 the Toilet Board Coalition’s specialised corporate Accelerator programme has been supporting entrepreneurs with bespoke mentorship, partnership and the visibility to scale their Sanitation Economy businesses.

More than toilets alone, we look for commercially viable businesses across the Sanitation Economies – including innovative sanitary-ware infrastructure, products & service providers; toilet resource collection, treatment, and transformation (circular resource recovery and up- cycling to water, energy, nutrients) and digital applications for sanitation and preventative healthcare.


12 months in kind business support Рpartnership brokering & brand building Рaccess to global and local mentors Рaccess to capital Рbusiness intelligence toolkit Рmembership in the Toilet Board Coalition’s Cohort Council upon graduation


Established businesses in emerging and frontier markets – ready for scale – business model is innovative and replicable – market based solutions

Deadline: 15th April 2019

LEARN MORE & APPLY AT: www.toiletboard.org/the-toilet-accelerator

  • Toilet Board Coalition Members & Mentors

SDG 6 Public Dialogue Report

A Public Dialogue on the SDG 6 Synthesis Report was open from May to September 2018 to discuss the report and its main messages. The feedback on the UN-Water SDG 6 Synthesis Report on Water and Sanitation is presented in the SDG 6 Public Dialogue Report.

Background: The establishment of SDG 6, Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, reflects the increased attention on water and sanitation issues in the global political agenda. To present the global review of SDG 6, UN-Water prepared the first Sustainable Development Goal 6 Synthesis Report on Water and Sanitation, released in June 2018. The report reviews the current situation and trends regarding water and sanitation at the global and regional levels.

Call for grant applications ‚Äď Fog collection and fog net technology projects

Collecting water from fog offers an unexplored source for water in many regions across the globe where other options are not available. Recent projects have shown that a single fog collector of some 50 square meters can collect over 1.000 litres of drinking water per fog day. The history of fog water collection is long. In October 2018 the largest fog collector park of the world, the CloudFisher plant with 1.674 square metres on Mount Boutmezguida in Morocco, was inaugurated and provides more than 1.200 people in 16 villages with clean drinking water. Each household has got an own tap and eight cisterns were built to serve the water management.

Great development opportunities for the technology exist in various parts of the world – the potential of fog harvesting is huge.

To assist the development of projects for collecting water from fog, the WaterFoundation and the Munich Re Foundation are awarding one or more grant for the provision of new or the enhancement of existing fog collection projects. Both organizations are the founders of a FogNet Alliance in order to improve fog net technology in general, provide knowledge and serve fog net projects including management.

In a nutshell:

From 2019 to 2021 they intend to build up a special fog collecting system, called ‚ÄúCloudFisher‚ÄĚ, in cooperation with a local NGO to provide people with clean and accessible drinking water. All measures should be accompanied by WASH trainings and workshops instructing the local people in maintenance and how to repair it if necessary. All these measures serve to make the project sustainable under the conditions of an efficient water-resource-management. The project should be persistent and ongoing with local support after the implementation phase (local ownership).

An applying NGO should have experience in development cooperation, should be able to manage third-party funds and have experience in WASH training. The selected NGO will be the project manager on site.

Deadline: 31st May 2019

More information: