Swiss Junior Water Prize: visit to the House of Government in Bern

Every year, young talents who reach the highest scores at the National Contest Swiss Youth in Science are invited to spend a day at the House of Government in Bern, where they are hosted by the Federal President in turn.

Zamir Borojevic, winner of the Swiss Junior Water Prize 2019, who reached the excellent mark in this year’s contest, was among the group of students visiting the Federal Assembly on 28th November. The group had the opportunity to exchange about their subjects of interest with President Mr. Ueli Maurer, who congratulated all the winners on their success in the National Competition and exhorted them to take their knowledge out into the world and use every opportunity to spread innovative Swiss ideas internationally.

Read the press release here (in German) Medienmitteilung | Empfang Bundespräsident 2019

Water Job Offer | Youth Project Manager

If you are a young water enthusiast, this might be for you!!

The International Secretariat for Water is looking for a new team member!

Working with them means:

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💦 #Inspire & be inspired by young leaders engaged for a sustainable world.
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Join their team and help them scaling up their #WaterGeneration vision.

Deadline for application: January 19th 2020

Location: International Secretariat for Water, Montreal, Canada.

Have a look at the Job description:


Young scientists from SJWP address leaders attending COP25

“They are our future, the next generation can continue where we left off. But before they can do it, we need to start taking action, now.”  

Zamir Borojevic, winner of the Swiss Junior Water Prize 2019 and fellow finalist of this year’s Stockholm Junior Water Prize sent a messages to the international leaders gathering im Madrid for COP25.The World Climate Summit 2019 takes place in Madrid from 2nd to 13th December with the objective of reaching agreements and commitments between nations to fight agains the effects of climate change.

Watch the message here

Read also the statement of the finalists on climate change Young Water Scientists Call for Climate Action.