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2018 Open Awards Competition

RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition (RUYAEC)

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is a network of 85 Universities in 35 African countries is pleased to announce the 2018 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition (RUYAEC). The 2018 RUFORUM Young African Entrepreneurs Competition (RUYAEC) whose overall purpose is to catalyse entrepreneurship through promotion of business innovation and provision of seed funding to young entrepreneurs with creative and innovative business ideas among African youth. RUYAEC invites young (<35 years) African entrepreneurs and incubates to compete for 10 awards to show case their innovations, enterprises and business concepts and propositions. The focus is for the young entrepreneurs to share their stories at an international stage with close to 1200 participants drawn from academia, business and industry, development organisations, practitioners and philanthropists.  It is hoped that through this competition, young entrepreneurs’ business concepts, impact, innovation and business opportunities can be expanded. While the focus of this competition is on innovation in agribusiness, other innovations, incubations, business enterprises and business concepts along ICTs, health, engineering, natural resources, meteorology, urbanization, green economy, and transport and communication, among other areas, will be considered.

The ten (10) competitively selected business enterprises will receive all expenses paid trip (air ticket, conference registration, and hotel costs) for participation at the RUFORUM Biennial Conference (22-26 October, 2018) in Nairobi, Kenya. The selected young entrepreneurs will receive a cash price award.


Applications are invited from enterprises and individuals that meet the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Persons with an established business enterprise and/or those with innovations that can potentially be commercialized and/or those with business concepts
  2. The business enterprise/potential enterprise should have a defined business model that show case the innovativeness of the proposed enterprise/business/innovation.
  3. Persons in the age category 16-34 years
  4. Submissions should be in English or French using the template provided.

Deadline for submissions: 31st August, 2018.

Application submission process:

All applications should be submitted through the www.ruforum.org/younginnovators/


For any enquiries do contact Dr. Egeru Anthony (a.egeru@ruforum.org ) and Dr. Sylvanus Mensah (m.sylvanus@ruforum.org).

Report: World Water Forum Brasilia, Brazil (17-23. March 2018)


Every three years since 1997, the World Water Forum (WWF8) is organized by the World Water Council and takes place in a different member country. It is considered as one of the world’s largest event on water. The main objective is to mobilize various sectors of society to strengthen action for solution to water management worldwide and make long-term progress on global water challenges. In 2018, it was the first time that the conference took place in the southern hemisphere. The topic of the 8th WWF was: “Sharing Water”.

The WWF is considered as a key event by the Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) members and partners creating an opportunity to enhance visibility of Swiss water solutions and approach potential partners and donors, but also to deepen the cooperation with existing ones. As in the previous edition in South Korea 2015, the Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) was involved in the preparation and implementation process for the Swiss presence at the forum. Together with the Global Program Water Division from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the SWP coordinated the Swiss Pavilion (72 m2) to showcase and discuss Swiss water expertise. What attracted especially a lot of people was the daily program consisting of different presentations, discussions and networking aperitifs. Members of the SWP and partners from SDC presented their innovative prototypes and concepts to solve global water challenges, inspiring the audience with a diverse and lively daily program.

The SWP’s main activities were centred around supporting the members, oversee and coordinate the booth and organise events: Not only the participation in the EXPO with the Swiss Pavilion, but also promoting SWP members that submitted event proposals in one of the five forum’s content fields/processes (thematic, regional, citizen, political, sustainability focus) and the two key Swiss events (the Swiss reception at the stand and at the Swiss embassy) contributed to represent Switzerland’s water expertise internationally.

In total, the Switzerland had a strong presence. The 8th World Water Forum confirmed Switzerland’s strategic priorities in the water sector. Switzerland was perceived as a credible, experienced and innovative partner-country with a comparative advantage in the water sector focusing on trending themes such as water stewardship, nature-based solutions and social entrepreneurship. Especially three key topics were associated with Switzerland: “transboundary”, “young people” and “business diplomacy”.

At the Swiss Pavilion, a total of 24 presentation slots from 22 involved Swiss actors (of which 11 SWP members and 5 SDC agencies and 6 partner organizations) over five days were presented to an audience of around 30 people per session.

Overall, the World Water Forum (WWF8) attracted around 30‘000 visitors from 168 countries. Three out of 52 exhibitors in the Expo Hall were Swiss organizations. At the expo, over 2‘000 visitors came by the Swiss Pavilion (measured by the amount of coffee consumed at the stand).

Read the full WWF Report here.

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Call for Application: Facilitation of GWP Strategy 2020-2025

GWP is currently implementing its 2014-2019 Strategy and is seeking consultancy support to formulate its new strategy for the period 2020-2025.

In May 2018, GWP initiated a process to formulate its new strategy. A first meeting was convened in Budapest where GWPO secretariat and RWP Secretariats staff and Chairs developed initial thrusts for the strategy. The results of this meeting were discussed with GWP Steering Committee, GWP Sponsoring Partners and representatives of GWP Financing Partners at a Strategy meeting (June, Stockholm). The outcomes of this initial process are documented and will form the starting point and background to the present consultancy.

Objective: To daft and finalise the GWP 2020-2025 Strategy document, in close coordination with GWPO Secretariat, via the design and implementation of a collaborative and consultative process involving key GWP stakeholders.


Output expected: final draft strategy document (June 2019)


  • Document 1: Broad process Roadmap –  incl. methodology (end August 2018)
  • Document 2: Framework strategy document, incl. package for consultations and studies 1 as process annex (September 2018)
  • Document 3: Zero draft strategy document, incl. package for consultations and studies 2 as process annex (December 2018)
  • Document 4: draft strategy document, incl. final review process as process annex (April 2019)
  • The consultant is expected to provide a brief inception document on the proposed methodology as part of the tender offer. Examples of related assignments will be helpful.

Application Deadline: 27th July 2018

For more information click HERE. 



Are you a water or sanitation entrepreneur looking for support?

Then check out the newly created website and social media channels of the Swiss Water Entrepreneurship Pact (SWEP) that was initiated by some of SWP members (cewas, Antenna Foundation, Swiss Bluetec Bridge, Waterpreneurs) and the Toilet Board Coalition in 2017. The pact aims to support water and sanitation entrepreneurs to design and develop lasting water and sanitation businesses. On the newly created media platforms and newsletter, water and sanitation entrepreneurs will find information on funding opportunities, conferences, networking events and much more.

Further information: