Thank you Lucien!

Lucien Blaser worked as SWP coordinator between October 2015 and May 2017. His contribution to the platform was remarkable. He considerably contributed to consolidate the platform by systematising all processes and tools, and improving the corporate design (website, flyer, newsletter layout). Lucien’s dedication to the platform was exemplary. He perfectly managed among others the Swiss presence at the World Water Week in Stockholm and coached an Afghan/Pakistani delegation at the occasion of a study tour in Switzerland. The entire SWP secretariat’s team and board are extremely grateful for his efforts that successfully led to a professionalization of the platform. Lucien left the SWP in order to gain experience abroad. We wish him full success for the next steps of his career. It was a great pleasure and honour to work with Lucien!


As communicated earlier, Soraya Kohler took over coordination of the SWP in May 2017.

World Water Forum 2018: Add Your Voice!

Join the Sustainability Discussions

Since the start of this year, people from around the world have joined the Your Voice discussions on to help prepare for the 8th World Water Forum. The Forum is the world’s largest water-related event and takes place from 18 to 23 March 2018 in Brasilia and has elected “Sharing Water” as its underlying theme. Building on the success of previous discussions, we launched a second round of Your Voice discussions.

You are invited to answer water related questions about Sustainability in six thematic discussion rooms; they are Climate, People, Development, Urban, Ecosystems and Finance. Go to to see the Your Voice questions and leave a comment, or read a summary of the first round of discussions.

To discuss the subject of “Sustainability” click HERE.

Deadline to add your voice Deadline: 13th August 2017.

King Hassan II Great World Water Prize

Call for application!

Working towards creating global awareness and taking concrete measures to promote the cause of water is the underlying rationale behind the awarding of the King Hassan II Great World Water Prize that was jointly established by the Kingdom of Morocco and the World Water Council.

Falling within the overarching framework of “Cooperation and solidarity in the fields of management and development of water resources”, this Sixth Edition of the Great Prize will reward the candidates making contributions around the specific theme of “Working towards greater solidarity and inclusion in order to ensure water security and climate justice.”

The Prize is awarded every three years on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the World Water Forum 2018 in Brasilia. During the Award Ceremony, a trophy and a certificate are awarded to the winner, thereby enjoying worldwide recognition and international exposure, along with a check of 100,000 USD.

Deadline: Nominations for the 2018 King Hassan II Great World Water Prize are to be submitted to the Prize Secretariat by 30 November 2017 at the latest.

Online nomination form, criteria and procedure are available HERE.

World Water Council Secretariat of the King Hassan II Great World Water Prize  Espace Gaymard 2-4 place d’Arvieux 13002 Marseille FRANCE Tel: +33 4 91 99 41 00 Fax: +33 4 91 99 41 01 Email:

For more information, visit this LINK.