The Sustainable Development Goals – what can Swiss actors contribute?

This event, jointly organized by Eawag and the Swiss Water Partnership, aimed at informing about the ongoing development of the monitoring architecture of the newly adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Speakers from Eawag, WHO (JMP), GIWEH and WaterLex presented and discussed the ongoing development of the monitoring architecture, the key challenges to be addressed towards implementation. Selected initiatives were also presented.

The slides of the presentations:

Rick Johnston (WHO): Monitoring the Water SDG: An emerging framework

Nidal Salim (GIWEH): GIWEH Support to post-2015 Agenda

Jean-Benoît Charrin (WaterLex): Role of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in SDG Implementation

Sara Marks (Sandec | Eawag): The Role of Research in Supporting Sustainable Development Goal 6



Support in Water Integrity: Survey

Cewas is currently developing and implementing offers of support to Swiss organisations and their partners in the global south who are working in the water sector and want to establish integrity in their processes, projects, programmes and organisations.

This survey is designed to help Cewas in adapting the offers to the needs of the organisations as good as possible. 
Thank you for taking 10 minutes of your time to answer the questions before December 7th 2015.