CDP & South Pole Group to deliver first ever global benchmark for corporate water management

South Pole Group is partnering with CDP to carry out the world’s first global assessment of corporate efforts to tackle water security of 700 of the world’s largest companies. Together, CDP and South Pole Group will evaluate the water management practices of companies operating in 112 countries across the most water dependent industry sectors based on the strict application of CDP’s publicly available water scoring methodology. The evaluation will consider the comprehensiveness of each company’s water risk assessments and response strategies, and whether they are factored into business planning. Read the full press release.

SWP becomes member of the World Water Council

wwcSWP has been invited by the World Water Council to become a member of this influential international multi-stakeholder platform. The SWP SB decided to submit a membership application, which has recently been approved. As a full member of College 4 (civil society and water associations) SWP will have privileged access to information and be able to influence global water policy decision making including the World Water Forum 2018. For the WWC General Assembly in November 2015 two SWP members (SDC and GIWEH) are planning to candidate for a governor position. SWP will use its international network to support them in being successful.