Water in the Sustainable Development Goals - from targets to indicators

The Open Working Group for Sustainable Development Report endorsed a dedicated water goal that “reflects 90% of the Swiss Position on Water in Post 2015 Agenda SWP members have contributed” (Ambassador M. Gerber). Whilst it is unlikely that that the targets of the water goal will be renegotiated, discussions on indicators how to monitor implementation of the water goal are ongoing and the French Water Partnership has just recently published the FWP Contribution to Post 2015 Agenda Indicators.

The Global Expanded Monitoring Initiative for Water (GEMI) currently works on draft indicators. As soon as the draft indicators are out (likely in early March) SWP will give you the opportunity to comment them online and your consolidated feedback will be shared with GEMI.

If you are very interested in the indicator discussion and would like to be regularly informed, have to opportunity for f2f exchanges where you can share your experiences about best indicators to monitor waste water, IWRM or WASH services, please send the SWP Secretariat an Email.